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Does Your Brand Truly Require Waterproof Labels?

Before we get into this, ask yourself this question: “Do my labels really need to be waterproof?”

Why? Because quite often all you need is a label that’s water resistant. And if that’s all you need then you have a lot more options to choose from in terms of materials and finishes.

Your (limited) options for waterproof labels

If you need labels that are truly waterproof then you’re pretty much limited to using polypropylene (a.k.a. ‘vinyl labels’) because it’s about the only material that doesn’t absorb water. (But that doesn’t mean you can keep them submerged or use them in marine environments. They’re not designed for that sort of thing.)

But sometimes you really do need a waterproof label. Beer labels and Craft Beer Labels, for example, have to survive the bottles being sterilised, filled and rinsed. And if the label is for something that will be used outside, it’s practically mandatory.

Can I make my paper labels waterproof by adding film lamination?

While adding film lamination to paper labels will make them waterproof, it defeats the purpose of using paper labels in the first place. You no longer be able to feel the luxurious texture of the paper. You may as well just print your labels on polypropylene film.

There’s also a chance of air getting trapped between the two layers and causing unsightly air bubbles.

Can we get paper labels that are also waterproof?

We understand that your paper labels need to survive in a commercial environment. But again, do they really need to be waterproof? Perhaps they only need to be water resistant.

If that’s the case, then you\ should be okay because we give all our paper labels a UV protective varnish. As well as protecting the label from UV, it ‘seals’ the paper label. (The lacquer saturates the paper, reducing its ability to absorb water.)

Important note:

Before you order your labels you should always test them in whatever environment they’ll be used. That’s why we’re happy to send you a free sample book so you can both test the materials and decide which print finish you prefer.

Water Resistant vs Waterproof

We print all custom labels digitally using HP Indigo 6800 technology. This is a commercial grade printing technology using electro-inks; these will not run under any circumstance. Nor will inks scratch away from the surface of the label when subjected to logistics processes.

In many cases, product labels do not need to be waterproof; oftentimes water resistant labels suffice. Many paper labels, armed with a full colour print and a protective varnish will cope with refrigeration and logistics processes. This leaves many possibilities open to professional label users in terms of material selection and branding.

Waterproof labelling, across many industries, is generally printed on polymeric materials such as polypropylene. Polypropylene is completely waterproof and will withstand wet filling processes as well as refrigeration processes.

Whether we produce labels either to be water resistant or waterproof, a permanent adhesive will be used as standard. Standard, permanent adhesive plays no role as to whether the label is waterproof or not. We do offer other specialist adhesives; please contact our Customer Service team for more information.

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There are many reasons as to why your business may need to see a press-proof before placing a full custom label order. We’ve developed a range of cost-effective proofing services.

Label artwork always has been and always will be a key part of the label printing process. For business who do not have resources to ensure their artwork is print-ready, we have a range of Artwork Services available.

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