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Clear Labels

Premium clear labels printed on rolls

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Clear Labels on Rolls for Organisations of All Shapes & Sizes

  • White Ink Available
  • Industry-Approved Materials
  • Any Shape, Any Size Labels
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Clear labels make for a striking product

Want to to create a striking package for your product? Clear labels (and some skillful positioning) will help you achieve the effect you’re after – They’re incredibly versatile.

It’s cheaper than printing directly onto a bottle or jar with screen printing, particularly on short to medium print runs.

Best of all, you get all the benefits provided by digital label printing, such as being able to print variations in the same print run (on labels that are all the same size and shape).

It’s no wonder so many brands and businesses are using clear labels for their products.

Printing with white ink (and other colours)

We’re often asked to print on clear labels with white ink. For these requests we actually print them twice—white ink on top of white ink—to ensure a high quality. (Any more and the ink can be scratched away from the label too easily.)

White ink can also be used as a form of ‘undercoat’ on clear labels. You don’t see it because it appears behind other colours in the design. But it makes them look like they should rather than translucent, as the white ink simulates the effect of printing them onto a white paper material.

They’re waterproof and oil resistant

Clear labels can only be printed on a select range of materials. We use transparent polypropylene (PP) film, which has the added benefit of being waterproof and oil and chemical resistant.

You also need to think about the adhesive being used. Ours is a permanent, industry-ready clear adhesive that can’t be seen once the label is applied.

Premium label finishing

When you print your custom labels on transparent film, you can take advantage of a number of design and finishing options such as:

  • Experimenting with colour transparency
  • Experimenting with with matt film laminations to create that ‘frosted’ look perhaps for Christmas labels
  • Using hot foil stamping
  • ‘Sandwich’ printing your labels

The No-Label Look

It is important to note that we offer two variations of transparent PP label materials; each with subtle differences and both available in our Online Calculator. If you are looking to create a “no-label” look for your brand and product then these subtle differences become quite important. A truly no-label look is created by printing designs on a “Transparent PP Film 50µm with a PET Carrying Material.” It’s important to note that as an online label printer, we also offer a “Transparent PP Film 50µm with Glassine Paper Carrying Material.

Why is a PET Carrying Material required for creating a “No-Label” Look?

Although not necessarily apparent to the naked eye, “PET carrying materials” is much “smoother” than a “glassine paper carrying materials.” As a result, when removing labels from their roll, whether by machine or manually, the adhesive is far less “disturbed/ruptured.” Where glassine paper carrying materials are used, ruptured adhesive will create a slightly visible “milky” layer when the label is applied to a container; the last thing you want to see when a “no-label” look is required.

Good to Know:

The best way of applying roll labels for the no-label look is mechanically, in order to avoid air bubbles and structural formations in the adhesive label. Applying clear labels mechanically allows the user to keep “tension” in the label reasonably high; this cuts the risk of air bubbles dramatically.

We recommend using a UV protective varnish in order to prevent inks being easily scratched away from your finished labels. Generally speaking, where clear labels are concerned, we recommend using a UV protective varnish gloss as this keeps the label looking crystal clear. A UV protective varnish matt can lead to the label looking slightly cloudy in comparison.

We are able to print white ink onto transparent films, however, there are a few small artwork considerations that must be considered. White ink is known as a “spot colour” and should be set up in a different manner to all other colours. Either see our artwork delivery guidelines for more information or review our professional artwork services.

Tools & Resources:

Label artwork always has been and always will be a key part of the label printing process. For business who do not have resources to ensure their artwork is print-ready, we have a range of Artwork Services available.

There are many reasons as to why your business may need to see a press-proof before placing a full custom label order. We’ve developed a range of cost-effective proofing services.

Standard lead times are 5-10 working days.

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Transparent PP Film 50µm (PET Carrier)

  • No-Label Look
  • Faster Label Application (Machine)
  • Not Compatible with Every Labelling Machine
  • Completely Transparent

Transparent PP Film 50µm (Paper Carrier)

  • No “No-Label” Look
  • Standard Label Application (machine)
  • More Cost-Effective (Printing)
  • Slightly “Milky” Layer once Applied.

Clear Labels Summary:

  • White Ink Available
  • Any Shape, Any Size Labels
  • Industry & Machine Ready
  • Custom Roll Sizes Summary:

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