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Good-looking cosmetics labels

If there’s one industry where people do judge the book by its cover, it’s the cosmetics industry. That means your packaging needs to look as elegant and beautiful as your customers will be after using your product. This means using not only the right materials, but also choosing the right finish-gold foils, metallic films, elegant opaque white, and so on.

You also need high-quality printing

Here at we know how important quality is to personal care products. We help brands create exquisite packaging labels for their perfumes, makeup, soaps, oils and other self-care products. Whether they come in boxes, jars, tubes, tins or some other packaging, we can create labels (including roll labels, which we recommend due to their outstanding machine-processing qualities) that perfectly complement your product.

Your labels also need to last

Of course, your adhesive labels need to be practical as well as beautiful. The requirements for cosmetic product labelling are quite strict, and so they need to be resistant to the effects of water, oils and the effects of constant handling and remain both adhesive and legible.

And that’s why you should choose us. We guarantee the list of ingredients on our roll labels for cosmetic products will always be legible.

Your labels can even be naked

We can also print your labels on transparent polypropylene film, which makes them practically invisible. They’re a great fit for uneven surfaces and the rounded sides of jars, and more cost effective than printing directly on the jar or bottle.

If you choose this ‘no label’ look, your best option is to order transparent roll labels and apply them by machine. That way you’ll be able to apply them without getting any air bubbles trapped underneath the label.

But the polypropylene film doesn’t need to be transparent. We can also print your labels on gold and silver films, with opaque white or embossed film finishes. To see what that could look like for your product, simply order a free sample book and we’ll send it to your home office as soon as possible.

Save time and money by ordering online

You can order your labels quickly and easily at Our online calculator will tell you not only what your adhesive labels will cost, but also when they’ll be delivered. So whatever you need transparent labels or refined embossed polypropylene film labels, we can print and deliver them at a competitive price.

And if you need some advice on the best solution for your product, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us by phone or email. We’ll be more than happy to talk you through the various options.

Cosmetics Labels FAQs

The “no-label” look is relatively common across the cosmetics and personal care industries. A printed, transparent label is utilised to give the effect of screen printing (designs directly printed on the packaging container). Transparent printed labels on rolls are much cheaper and more accessible to to smaller businesses launching a cosmetic product.

Generally speaking, either Polyethylene (PE) or Polypropylene (PP) materials are best suited to household and chemical product labels. Both materials are polymeric, available as both a white and transparent stocks and do not absorb water or oil.

We are able to print custom cosmetics labels which feature silver, gold, copper and rose gold hot foil stamping. This is a technique used by many brands to gain a very premium look.

Tools & Resources:

In order to review and test our materials & print quality most comprehensively, we recommend requesting a complimentary Sample Pack.

Should you wish to proof your labels before committing to a larger run, we have devised a range of proofing services.

Ensure that your label artwork files are print-ready; download our data delivery guide.

Do you have specific questions regarding a current requirement or project? Please feel free to leave us a message.


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