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Custom Printed Jar Labels

Make your jars look as good as their contents

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Custom Jar Labels on Rolls for Organisations of All Shapes & Sizes

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The perfect jar labels

Whether you make condiments, spreads, relishes or anything else that’s tasty, we can make your product jars stand out on the shelf with state-of-the-art digital printing on a variety of industry-ready materials.

The best material for the job

We offer a comprehensive range of materials to give you the perfect combination of looks and functionality. Our range of textured papers will help you achieve that artisanal or organic look. And if your food products contain oils, our thin polypropylene (PP) films will help your labels from staining.

We understand the sales margins for selling food in jars can be quite low. So we also stock a range of quality, cost-effective materials that may better suit your budget.

And a premium finish to match

If you’re selling premium products or limited editions, why not have a premium label to match? We can embellish your labels with finishes such as hot foil stamping and embossing. While more commonly used in the wine and spirit industries, these finishes are becoming more and more common on artisanal and specialty food jar labels.

Hot foil stamping is often used to add premium metallic elements to the front of jar labels (or the centre if they’re wrap-around labels) to convey a sense of quality and value.

To make your Jars more secure, we recommend using a Tamper Proof Label.  Read more here.

Using digital printing to customise your labels

If you’re offering customers a range of flavours, or producing seasonal products, then our digital printing processes will help keep your costs down without sacrificing quality. We can print label variations without the cost of setting up additional printing plates. That means you can order labels for your core products as well as any ‘bolt on’ labels for new products, and have them printed in the same print run.

You can also create personalised jar labels on rolls at scale. For example, you could produce “Dad” labels for products being sold close to Fathers Day. Or you could use the data you’ve collected about your customers to to create labels that include their first name. It’s a great to make your marketing campaign more personal.

Jar Labels FAQs

All of the materials which we offer are industry-approved and feature widely across retail shelves and online shops.

The print and protective varnishes allow for both refrigerated and modern logistics environment; no running inks or scuffed labels. The industry standard permanent adhesive also means your custom printed labels won’t be falling off anytime soon.

Finding the most appropriate material is more a question of which material best compliments your brand and this is a question which you must answer. Make the decision easier and request one of our Sample Packs.

Digital label printing has revolutionised the world of label printing. What this essentially means is that so long as your label designs remain the same shape and size across different products, we can print them all as a part of the same run. Doing this of course allows businesses to dramatically reduce the cost per label and keep requirements cost-effective.

We are able to print custom jar labels which feature silver, gold, copper and rose gold hot foil stamping. This is a technique used by many brands to gain a very premium look.

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There are many reasons as to why your business may need to see a press-proof before placing a full custom label order. We’ve developed a range of cost-effective proofing services.

Label artwork always has been and always will be a key part of the label printing process. For business who do not have resources to ensure their artwork is print-ready, we have a range of Artwork Services available.

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