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We understand that it’s often a difficult and time-consuming task searching for the right label company. That’s why we’ve put together a few key points about what we do, to help you quickly decide whether we’re the right fit for you.

#1 Self-Adhesive Labels on Rolls

Here at, Austalia’s Online B2B label manufacturer, we specialise in producing self-adhesive labels on rolls. Absolutely ideal for automatic product labelling, for example labels for bottles and cans, they equally allow for very easy hand application. Roll label production is very efficient and helps us to pass on time and material savings, keeping costs as low as possible.

#2 Digital Label Printing

This label company prints product labels digitally using HP Indigo machines, and we’re proud of the excellent print quality that we can achieve, as well as of our stringent colour standards. Digital label printing also means that if you’re looking for a label company who can produce labels for multiple SKUs, then we’re the company for you. All of that is possible on a very wide range of materials and finishes, meaning that we can cater to a huge range of label designs for your company and achieve the maximum potential of your label designs.

#3 Premium Label Finishing

We’re one of the few label companies that can offer hot-foiled labels as part of in-house production, meaning that we can get premium, stand-out labels to you in a speedy turnaround. Whether gold, silver, or another shade (please do let us know if you’re looking a particular colour), hot-foils can provide a very premium look, such as the finish achieved on upmarket wine labels.

If your product labels need to be extra resilient, then we could well be the best label company to suit your needs. That’s because, along with the standard gloss and matt UV protective varnishes, we can also laminate your labels. The lamination finish is also available in gloss or matt, and simultaneously provides a stronger effect over a varnish, as well as a strong protective layer to stand up to wear and tear. Tough stuff!

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