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We’ve set up so you can get the printed roll labels you need online.  To help you even more we created the online calculator—a way for you to work out the total cost of your printed roll instantly.

How to use the online calculator

‘Number of label designs’ is how many different designs you want printed (e.g. how many design variations you have).

Remember: As long as the labels are all the same size and shape, and printed on the same material, we can print all your designs in the same print run.

If you are printing more than one design, you’ll be asked how many labels of each design you want printed when you place your order.
Here’s an example.

Quantity: 4000 Labels
Number of Label Designs: 3

Label Split:
2000 Labels: Original
1000 Labels: Flavour #1
1000 Labels: Flavour #2

We can make labels and promotional stickers in almost any shape or size. Simply enter the width and height, then choose the shape.

While most people choose rectangular or circular labels, you can create a custom shape by choosing “custom shape”.

Note: the standard corner radius for rectangular shapes is 0.5mm. If you want a larger radius, choose the “custom shape” option.

We supply printed labels on rolls to a range of industries. And the Online Calculator features the most common materials used in those industries, such as:

  • textured papers (used in the organic foods industry)
  • polypropylene (used in the chemical industry)
  • standard glossy papers (used in the food and beverage industries)
  • metallic films (used in the sports nutrition and wellbeing industries)

We’re sure you’ll find a material that’s suitable for your labels. But if you can’t, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our customer service team.

While all our materials are industry-ready and approved, you should always check the look, feel and functionality of your labels before you start applying them to your products.

And don’t forget to grab your free sample book, where you can see (and feel) the cost-effective and premium materials we have to offer.

If your artwork needs any colour besides black, you should choose ‘Four Colours (CMYK)’. We will then print the various labels in your labels by using different amounts of Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Key (black). By using this technique with our digital printing process we can print whatever colour, hue or shade your label needs.

If you’re printing your labels on a metallic or transparent material, you may want to choose Opaque White: HPI White Undercoat instead. You can use it to either:

  • print white text and other white design elements
  • act as a white undercoat behind other printed elements.

Find out more by downloading our Label Artwork Guidelines

Our standard turnaround time is 5–10 working days. But like most businesses, we have busy periods throughout the year. The Online Calculator shows you the expected delivery date of your order (just below the price breakdowns).

Will you be using your custom printed labels in a machine such as a filling line or overprinting machine? If so, you’ll need to specify the roll’s winding direction, core size and maximum outer diameter. (You’ll be asked for this information in the next step.)

So once you’re happy with the quote simply click on “Next Step” and follow the instructions to fill out your specific requirements.

And if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our customer service team on 1800 954 777 or at Summary:

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