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Unique labels for your Craft Beer

Craft Beer labels are characterised by eye-catching and creative designs. To design a label for Craft Beer, you need to know your product and your brand very well. Only if you know what’s inside the bottle can you communicate the product’s characteristics to the outside world and communicate the label to the customer.

Is the taste of the beer fancy and crazy? Then the label should also be fancy. Is the beer expensive? Then the label should be additionally refined to reflect this high quality.

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Craft Beer Conquers the Beer Market

Craft Beer is no longer only known to true beer connoisseurs. Originally, the craft beer trend originated in the USA.  Slowly but surely the drink is now finding its way to Australia and New Zealand.  

Small, independent breweries, so-called microbreweries, are making it their business to brew fancy and creative beers that clearly distinguish themselves from the mass market.  At the same time, the beer is brewed according to traditional brewing philosophies.  Characteristics for Craft Beer are unusual flavours through different combinations of natural aromas such as coffee, chocolate or citrus fruits and instead of using traditional hops, rice or corn is now often used to cut down costs

Special Shapes and High-Quality Materials

At, there are many different ways to make your craft beer label unique. Starting with the choice of material, the shape of your label or special refinements – make your craft beer label a real eye-catcher. For example, how about a metallic label made of aluminium-vaporised paper, a hot foil in dark green or partial varnish over your logo?

Whether simple, elegant, playful or crazy – with as your printing partner for your Craft Beer labels, you can be sure that your labels are printed in high quality and delivered quickly and reliably. 

Additional Personalisation is the Trend

At your Craft Beer labels are printed digitally. This not only enables the cost-efficient production of short runs and fast job changes, but also individual personalisation of the individual labels. For example, a different name or an individual code can be printed on each bottle. Or copy the big names like Coca-Cola and Nutella and make each label unique.  Thanks to the technology of HP Mosaic, this is no longer a problem. As you can see, the possibilities for personalisation are endless.

If you would like to order personalised labels for the first time, please contact our customer service team where we will then discuss your ideas and find a solution to implement them.

Further information:

At, you can order quickly and easily using the online calculator. Simply select material, enter size, choose shape and desired finish and enter the print run. You will then receive the price and the expected delivery date of your labels.  Below the calculator you will also find a video explaining the order process in detail.

You can find step-by-step instructions for ordering here.

We at attach great importance to personal and competent customer advice.  That’s why every customer has a personal contact person at their side.  Of course you can also contact us at any time by telephone or e-mail.

At you have the possibility to request a test print of your design. We print your label under original printing conditions. So you can convince yourself of our materials and finishes as well as our print quality and see how your label will look like in the end.  Order yours today

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