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Our FAQ covers everything you may need to know about and printing labels – our Online Calculator, label materials, the printing process, payment, and much more…

Online Calculator

Simply enter your required specifications into our custom Online Calculator tool and press ‘Calculate’ to generate your personalised label quotation. The result? You can get an immediate quote for self-adhesive labels on rolls, exactly when you need it. There’s also the option to place your order straight away and get your job onto the printers as quickly as possible!

Our Sample Pack features examples of all of the self-adhesive label stock featured in the Online Calculator.

One of the wonders of digitally printed labels – multiple label versions with the same shape, dimensions, finish and on the same material can all be printed together in one print run, helping you to keep things as cost effective as possible.

To specify the number of labels versions in one run, simply enter the number of versions into the Online Calculator.

No problem, you can simply send yourself multiple quotations, entering the varying job specifications each time.

Our goal with the Online Calculator is ease of use, which is why it is currently limited to one print job at a time. However, we can of course happily collate your quotes together into one on request. Simply get in touch with us.

Labels - General Information

Also known as pressure sensitive labels, digital labels or simply roll labels, our labels require no extra adhesive and can be applied by simply removing the label from its backing and applying it to the desired surface – either by hand or with a machine.

We produce labels on rolls (rather than on sheets, for example) due to the simplicity and versatility this offers during both processing and application, for example when it comes to packing or bottling.

This can be entirely up to you. If you have a desired number of labels per roll, simply let us know – it is also possible to specify this number when you order your labels online via the Online Calculator.

If you are using a machine to apply your labels and need to specify a maximum roll diameter, this can also be specified during the order process.

Label Materials, Stamping & Special Finishes

We print onto a large variety of self-adhesive label stock, including paper and film substrates. Find out more about our paper types in our Paper & Materials Guide.

Our equipment is compatible with a huge range of different label materials. Already have a specific type of paper in mind, or a sample you’d like to send us? Write to us using the contact form or call customer service. We’re always happy to help!

The glossy finish and intense colours of stamping foils bring an extra level of quality to your labels, whether used for text, for your logo, to fill in an area, or for edging around images. We prepare a stamping tool especially for your label, so you have complete freedom to choose whatever design you like. Then the foil is applied to the paper using heat during the finishing process. Due to decades of experience with wine labels, we’re able to apply hot foils in-house, ensuring your labels look fantastic but remain cost effective at the same time.

Our standard gold and silver stamping foils meet almost every need. Need a very specific film? No problem! We work with hot foils supplied by Kurz and ITW, and if they aren’t already on stock, we can obtain them quickly and use them for your print job. Let us know if you’re looking for a particular hot foil.

This clear protective varnish is applied to the labels at the end of the process and is available as standard in either a gloss or a matt finish. It ensures that your labels won’t fade under exposure to UV light and also protects the print work from minor scuffs. We offer gloss varnish as standard. Need a particular varnish? Ask us about other possibilities – we’re always happy to help!

Printing Process & Colours

Want to know exactly what your labels will look like when they come out of production? We would be happy to produce a colour proof for you for a small fee. We can then also use this for colour matching during production. If you would like a press proof, we would be happy to discuss and arrange this with you individually.

Standardised procedures (such as colour matching with previous runs), the most up-to-date measurement techniques, and stringent quality control guarantee that the quality remains the same within each run. Our colour management system allows us to meet Process Standard Offset requirements. We also work to minimise colour variation by constantly training to our staff and using the latest technology. If, despite this, you are not 100% happy with your labels, please write to us using the Contact Form or call our customer service team, who will be happy to help you.

A common problem here is that screens do not provide a true representation of colours. Screens work using the »RGB« colour space and sometimes produce colours that are slightly different from how they appear when printed. We use the four process colours of CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow and black) for printing. Conversion between colour spaces can result in isolated variations in colour. These can be countered by using professionally-produced print data created in CMYK and a colour proof that we provide.

Our standard turnaround time is 5-10 working days from the moment your artwork is in our system. Once your print data is uploaded, we can provide you with a more precise delivery date. Delivery times can vary according to the label type, any special finishes and current production volumes. An estimated delivery date is always given both in the Online Calculator and in your personalised quotation. We aim to be as flexible as possible and will always try our best to meet your requirements.

Payment and Dispatch

You can pay for your jobs using Paypal or credit card (VISA or MasterCard).

Orders for delivery within Australia are always free with standard delivery.

You will receive your invoice by email after your order has been placed successfully, so as to minimise the impact on the environment. If necessary, it can also be sent to your accounts team using an alternative email address provided by you.

Your label rolls are securely and carefully packaged and sent using the UPS Standard service. UPS Standard shipping is free.


In the top left of our homepage you’ll find a link to Sign Up. This will take you to our signup page where you can enter a few details and register with One or two clicks later and your account will be ready! You can of course choose your own secure password.

Yes. We dislike spam just as much as you do and never pass on your information to third parties. Your account with us is also password protected.

Please contact our customer service team to request this. Write to us using the Contact Form or feel free to call our customer service team. We’re always happy to help, even if we’re sad to see you go!

Order Processing

Yes. You can enter and edit alternative delivery addresses in the »my« area once you’re logged into your account.

Cancellations can be made by telephone or email. Cancellation is only possible if the job has not yet been passed to production.

If, despite our high quality standards, you identify a production defect, get in touch with us so that we can deal with your concern. Write to us using the Contact Form or call customer service. We’re always happy to help.

If you have particular requirements which cannot be specified within our Online Calculator then please do get in touch with us to discuss these. Whilst the Online Calculator offers the fastest option for you, we are of course happy to talk through orders with you on the phone or via email.

Theoretically speaking we can print you 1 label, but it wouldn’t be very cost-effective! Our production set up includes the latest in digital printing technology to cater for production runs of all sizes, which means that most of the costs incurred by orders of lower than 1,000 are simply covering setting up our machines. For you to get value for money we recommend orders of 1,000 and upwards. We are of course however perfectly happy to provide you a quote for fewer labels.

Print Data and Data Management

We keep print data on file to ensure that we can produce re-runs as accurately and as quickly as possible. It also means that we have a backup copy of your artwork in case of any misfortune at your end. We are of course happy to remove your data from our system at your request – simply write to us using the Contact Form or call customer service. We’re always happy to help.

We only use graphic formats, so unfortunately we can’t accept Microsoft Word files (.docx), for example. Suitable data formats are PDF, EPS, TIF, AI or PSV. You can find out more detailed information on our Label Artwork page.

You can produce professional print data that meets our requirements using graphics programs such as Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop or ArtPro. You can find out more about our data recommendations and requirements here.

If you are concerned about whether your artwork is print ready or not, you can order a data check as an optional extra. The data check considers whether the data is suitable for printing and does not look for typographical or other errors. Take a look at our Label Artwork page to determine if your artwork is print ready.

Other questions

Using natural resources in a sustainable way is not just a marketing tool for us – it is something we do as a matter of course. We organise our production methods so as to be as ecologically friendly as possible. We produce printing plates without using chemicals, use the latest technology to reduce waste, and purchase energy from renewable sources supplied by Lichtblick.

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No problem. Write to us using the Contact Form or call our customer service team. We’re always happy to help.