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Freezer-Grade Labels

Professionally Printed Labels Suitable for Deep-Freezing

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Freezer-Grade Labels on Rolls for Organisations of All Shapes & Sizes

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Labels for Extreme Cold Temperatures

In both the food and pharmaceutical industries, it is essential to label products permanently and safely even at temperatures below zero degrees Celsius. We offer both standard and special materials and adhesives that are ideal for cooling temperatures.  Whether individual labels, blank labels or forms in fluorescent colours – our cold-resistant materials and adhesives guarantee reliable adhesion, excellent legibility thanks to sharp print image and high moisture and temperature resistance.

Deep-freeze labels - for immediate use or for further printing

As a professional label printer we produce your self-adhesive roll labels for the deep-freeze area made to measure.  We can produce your labels either rectangular, round or in your bespoke shape.  The packaging is also carried out exactly according to your specifications, so that you can use our labels on rolls in all common labelling systems and further processing machines or print them subsequently with your printer models.  You decide which inner diameter your roll cores have and which outer diameter your label rolls have. Our label rolls are suitable not only for machine printing but also for manual further processing.

Design Options for Deep-Freeze Labels

You can also give free rein to your imagination when designing your deep-freeze labels.  Choose the right one from our wide range of special materials and give your label the finishing touches with one of our refinements.  Whether metallized labels, hot foil stamping in gold, silver or rose gold or blind stamping for a special feel – with nothing is impossible. Discuss your ideas with our customer service team and find out what possibilities there are for designing your label because even a deep-freeze label should look good at the point-of-sale.

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If you require labels with special features or prices for large quantities, please contact our customer service directly. You can reach us Monday to Friday at 1800 954 777 or by e-mail at Simply send us your requirements and we will prepare a personalised quotation for you for you!

Good to Know:

Our unprinted blank labels are ideally suited for individual use in your production.  You have the option of printing each label individually, for example to apply a best-before date or to indicate the weight of the product.  Contact us today for further information.

Thermal transfer printing is ideal for printing information such as a best-before date or the fill quantity on a label at a later date. Find out here which possibilities we can offer for your thermal transfer printing.

Our design service offers you the possibility to design a great label at a fixed price. It’s really simple.  Tell us about your initial requirements by creating your design package. Then answer a small number of short questions about your goals and ideas for your professional label design.

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