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Winding Directions for your Roll Labels

Finding the Correct Winding Direction

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Types of winding direction

What You Need to Know Regarding Winding Directions:

If you want to process your roll-fed adhesive labels by machine, it is important that you know which winding direction is required for your machine.

In principle, there are two winding directions for your roll adhesive labels:

#1 Internal winding (Inside)

#2 Outer winding (Outside)

The printed side can therefore face inwards or outwards.

It is also important to distinguish the positions of the labels on the roll.  There are four variants:

#1 Bottom Edge Leading

#2 Top Edge Leading

#3 Left Edge Leading

#4 Right Edge Leading

If you are unsure of the winding direction you need for your labels, simply contact our Customer Service Team who will be more than happy to assist you.

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If you do not yet know on which materials you would like to print your roll adhesive labels, order our paper sample book free of charge.  There you will find an overview of our standard materials including pre-cut sample labels which you can stick on your products for testing.

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