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Offset Labels

Label Printing Using Offset Lithography

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Offset Labels Summary

  • Long Print Runs
  • Spot-Varnish & Embossing
  • PET Carrying Materials

Offset Labels; An Overview

The term offset labels simply refers to the way that the labels on rolls have been produced; using the technique of offset lithography.

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Digital Labels Vs Offset Labels; An Overview

Offset lithography is arguably the most effective and best quality print at higher quantities. Offset lithography is a conventional method of printing that requires the manufacture of printing plates and additional machine set-up. The method is most suited to printing quantities of labels above 100k. Once the machines have been set up and costs absorbed, offset lithography becomes very cost effective when printing premium labels in high quantities.

Digital label printing is by far the more flexible of the two printing methods; it allows for multi-versioning and fast lead times. Digital label printing is the focus of That being said, where longer runs of offset quality labels are required, we’re more than happy to help.

We are a part of CCL Label group, effectively the largest label printer in the world. Should we be be unable to handle your enquiry in-house, we’d be more than happy to take your requirements “in-group.”

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