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Adhesive Labels Printed on Rolls vs Adhesive Labels Printed on Sheets

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Adhesive Label Printing

Generally speaking there are two different ways that label printing companies can print and deliver your adhesive labels; either on rolls or on sheets. To help you make an informed business decision, we’ve outlined the key differences below.

Adhesive Labels Printed on Rolls

As a B2B label manufacturer, prints self-adhesive labels on rolls. This is predominantly due to the fact that our customers require them on rolls to use in machines at commercial filling units.

The fact that our customers require their labels on rolls determines our whole production process. The labels must remain on rolls throughout the entire process; from large rolls of “blank” label material that are fed into our HP Indigo Digital Presses and through the converting machines that cut and varnish the labels.

The fact that the labels must remain on rolls throughout plays a main factor in the cost of the labels; labels that are produced on rolls generally become cost-effective from 1000 pieces.

Adhesive Labels Printed on Sheets

At smaller quantities (generally under 1000 pieces) adhesive labels that are produced on sheets are usually much cheaper than adhesive labels that are produced on rolls. This is mainly due to the respective machinery used in each form of production.

Many sheet-fed production units utilise pre-cut sheets and thus forgoing the ability to produce adhesive labels of custom shapes and sizes. The advantage here is that there are are no costs for cutting tools and machines making up the overall cost of your labels.

Adhesive labels that are produced on sheets can only be manually applied, they cannot be used in machines for quick and clean application.

Adhesive Roll Labels FAQs:

We produce bottle labels of all shapes and sizes for each and every bottle size imaginable; across every industry. No bottle is too large or too small.

We should be able to determine the size of your label as you provide your print-ready label artwork.

And shape?

Due to the endless amount of pack formats and packaging containers available, custom shaped labels are a standard occurrence. Simply ensure that all cutting tool data is included within your print data.

More than one product; all labels are same size:

Perfect, digital label printing will allow us to print all your labels in the same production run and keep things extremely cost-effective.

More than one product; labels are different sizes:

Where label sizes differ, we will require additional cutting tools and machine set-ups. Essentially each size of label will be treated as a separate print run.

We do not have a minimum order quantity as such.

Due to the nature of roll label printing production methods, we advise that 1,000 pieces as good starting point. This ensures you receive a sensible cost per label.

All of the materials which we offer are industry-approved and feature widely across retail shelves and online shops.

The print and protective varnishes allow for both refrigerated and modern logistics environment; no running inks or scuffed labels. The industry standard permanent adhesive also means your custom printed labels won’t be falling off anytime soon.

Finding the most appropriate material is more a question of which material best compliments your brand and this is a question which you must answer. Make the decision easier and request one of our Sample Packs.

Tools & Resources:

In order to review and test our materials & print quality most comprehensively, we recommend requesting a complimentary Sample Pack.

Use Our Online Calculator Tool and Calculate the Costs of Your Custom-Roll Labels in Real-Time.

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